I had to go there

I guess I'll blame Neil Gaiman. OK, I've never read the guy much less met him, but he is the darling of librarians and Goth girls everywhere (I'm not a Goth girl but I've had a medium Edward Gorey thing since the mid 1970s so that counts, right?). Plus my sister gave me a copy of American Gods like three years ago and from time to time I think, I really need to read that. I've also acquired copies of the first volume in his Sandman graphic novel series, and The Graveyard Book. I need to read those, too. Then today I read this. And thought OK, OK, I will sign up for Twitter. And I did.

I still don't entirely get Twitter -- and I'll admit, enjoyed the feeling of superiority many of my friends espouse about Facebook -- and a few friends maintained, until recent years, about email and the Internet in general. But I'm intrigued enough to check this out. And like I said, I've been meaning to read that book, plus a couple others of Gaiman's, forever anyway. And how can you not like a guy who served as the honorary chair of National Library Week?

Not only that, but a mere few hours after signing up for my account (keywestnan) I've already got two followers! How did that happen??? And why???? I haven't posted anything! Like most things web and everything else, I suppose I'll figure it out as I go along. See you somewhere on this weird new universe ...