Book Bites doubleheader

If you've ever thought about re-reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterwork, The Great Gatsby -- or if for some reason you never had to read it multiple times in high school and college, like I did -- now is a very good time, at least if you're in Key West. The Great Gatsby is one of the twin foci of the May Book Bites Book Club at the Key West Library. And on Wednesday, May 5, at 5:30 p.m. we'll be showing the movie version starring Robert Redford (as Gatsby, natch) and Mia Farrow (as Daisy Buchanan). Typically, Book Bites discusses anything by or about an author but this time Circulation Librarian Kris Neihouse is trying something a little different and the book discussion, at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 12, will focus solely on Gatsby from Fitzgerald's work -- and on a much more recent novel, The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian. Why The Double Bind? Here's an excerpt from Jodi Picoult's guest review on Amazon:

"Fact and fiction become indistinguishable in The Double Bind: The story centers on Laurel Estabrook, a young social worker and survivor of a near-rape, who stumbles across photographs taken by a formerly homeless client and tries to understand how a man who'd taken snapshots of celebrities in the 50s and 60s might have wound up on the streets. However, an author's note tells us that Bohjalian conceived this book after being shown a batch of old photographs taken by a once-homeless man; and the actual photos of Bob "Soupy" Campbell are peppered throughout the text. In another neat twist, Bohjalian's resurrects details from The Great Gatsby, which become "real" in the context of his own novel--Laurel lives in West Egg; part of her hunt for her photographer's past involves meeting with the descendants of Daisy and Tom Buchanan."

Pretty cool, huh? Gatsby itself is a pretty slim volume and the Bohjalian title, while I haven't read it, strikes me as the kind of book that once you enter, you have a hard time leaving until you're through. There's still time to read one or both. Questions? Stop by the library or call Kris at 292-3595.