A selection of stories I reported, wrote, recorded and produced for WLRN

Making radio with Alicia Zuckerman, WLRN editorial director, in the Southernmost Bureau. Photobomb by Elly. Photo by Mark Hedden.

Making radio with Alicia Zuckerman, WLRN editorial director, in the Southernmost Bureau. Photobomb by Elly. Photo by Mark Hedden.

A recent combination of full moon high tides and weather systems off the Atlantic coast brought us unusually high tides. Monroe County is starting to work on planning for this as the new normal.

The 90-mile distance between the U.S. and Cuba seems to be getting shorter by the day. How do these long-estranged neighbors see each other? Two photographers - American Jeffrey Cardenas and Cuban Yanela Piñeiro - found out.

It's been awhile, but I wrote and recorded a Letter from the Keys — this one about transportation.

Every year, more peregrine falcons are counted over the Florida Keys than anywhere else in the world. It's that time of year.

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon started out in a saltwater pool behind a modest motel. Now it's on the cutting edge of saving sea turtles, especially the growing number of green sea turtles afflicted with fibropapilloma tumors.

Arthur Rothstein came to Key West in 1938 as a photographer for the Farm Security Administration. His images capture an island that was struggling to survive the Depression, when fishing and cigarmaking were still its major industries.

Eighty years later, the Keys still remember the Labor Day Hurricane. It killed hundreds of people in Islamorada and spelled the end of the Over-Sea Railway.

It's been illegal to racially discriminate in real estate since 1948. But a racist restriction remains on the books in (at least) one Key West neighborhood.

A Florida Bay fishing guide has some opinions on Everglades National Park's new management plan.

Key West has memorials to the Civil War. Both sides of the Civil War. And they're restoring both, and adding another. Here's the slightly longer version of the same story.

Light winds and calm seas are good for divers and fishermen. For coral reefs, not so much.

The crew behind the Havana Challenge are putting on another race — this one with powerboats.

Portrait of Jim Hale, who breeds racing pigeons at his home on Big Coppitt Key — and rescues those that get blown off course from Cuba.

The Key Lime Festival: An audio postcard

Interview with Meg Cabot About Her Return To Publishing and Why She Lives in Key West

Key West Looks to Reconnect With Cuba by Ferry

Florida's Flagship, A Schooner Built In Key West, Needs Help (Special bonus link: An interview from 1995 with Capt. Richard Steadman, her second captain and son of the man who built the schooner.)

Reef Expert Says Humans, Not Climate Change, Are Biggest Threat To Keys Reef

Key West Reclaims Its Literary Legacy With Tennessee Williams

Lobster Season Ends With Good Catch, Great Prices But Looming Challenges

Florida Keys Hope To Add New Weapon In War Against Mosquitoes

Diana Nyad returns to Key West with one-woman stage show

When Key West Was Cuban: History of the ties between the two islands

Keys adding hotel rooms to booming industry

This is a short one about Mosquito Control Board elections

A feature on the changing nature of Fantasy Fest and how longtime locals feel about that

Why one of the nation's most gay-friendly towns is just now reaching the gay marriage battleground

Preservation standards collide with building codes in Old Town historic district


Projects from the Transom Story Workshop, Spring 2014


Links to audio projects (written and recorded, but not produced, by me)

Essay for WLRN on Key West in the offseason

Coverage of Diana Nyad's historic swim from Cuba to Key West on WLRN and on All Things Considered.

Cuban artists show their work in Key West in historic exchange

Story on sea level rise and Big Pine Key (part of WLRN's award-winning Elevation Zero project)

My first piece for WLRN, a Letter from Key West about the city's annual holiday parade

Another Letter From Key West for Under The Sun: Bikes Blocked