Sorry, this has nothing to do with baseball. It's a page of stories, sites and Twitter feeds for people who are interested in learning more about the media, its missteps and its ever-disrupting status.

Sites that focus on the media:

This is Elmer Davis, the greatest 20th century journalist you never heard of. He was a major force in radio in the mid-century. Before that, in the late '20s and early to mid '30s, he hung out in Key West enough to write some excellent, sardonic essays about the place for Harpers. Someday I am going to start a program of awards for nonfiction writing about the Keys. They will be called the Elmers.

This is Elmer Davis, the greatest 20th century journalist you never heard of. He was a major force in radio in the mid-century. Before that, in the late '20s and early to mid '30s, he hung out in Key West enough to write some excellent, sardonic essays about the place for Harpers. Someday I am going to start a program of awards for nonfiction writing about the Keys. They will be called the Elmers.

On The Media (weekly radio show that you can listen to online or download as a podcast)

Mediator column from the New York Times

The Poynter Institute (nonprofit based in St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Columbia Journalism Review

Knight Foundation, specifically the Journalism & Media Innovation projects

Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

Transom, a nonprofit website that runs workshops to teach audio storytelling and much more

The Public Editor's Journal, a blog by the New York Times public editor (who represents readers and is tasked with investigating, explaining and sometimes criticizing how the Times newsroom does it's job)

Current, website that covers public media. It also has a podcast, called The Pub.

NPR Ombudsman, posts by NPR's ombudsman. Elizabeth Jensen currently holds that post.

Some Twitter feeds to follow:

@brianstelter — CNN media correspondent

@NYTmedia — media coverage from The New York Times

@jayrosen_NYU — NYU journalism professor

@jackshafer — media critic at Politico, formerly wrote for Reuters and Slate

@davidfolkenflik — NPR media correspondent

@romenesko — Twitter feed for media blogger 

@PBSmediashift — Guide to the digital media revolution

@ejensenNYC — NPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen

@spaydl - New York Times Public Editor Liz Spayd

@sulliview - Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan, formerly NYT public editor

@aragusea - Adam Ragusea, host of The Pub podcast from Current

@jimrutenberg - Jim Rutenberg, media columnist for the NY Times

Stories about the media

(Note: Somewhere in 2016 I gave up adding to this list — mostly — there were just too many! And I have a job! And a life! But I am still posting occasional pieces I find illuminating and that I want to keep handy for future reference)

CNN Had A Problem. Donald Trump Solved It. Illuminating story from the New York Times Magazine about the strange, symbiotic relationship between Trump and CNN President Jeff Zucker.

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down, about the role of psychometrics in the 2016 election (from Motherboard, a Vice site). You can find an alternate view of its influence in this story from the New York Times and many others.

I found Lee Siegel's essays in CJR informative and thought-provoking through the election cycle

Covering politics in a "post-truth" American (from the Brookings Institution)

Dear Readers: Please stop calling us 'the media.' There is no such thing. (Paul Farhi column from the Washington Post)

Donald Trump is crashing the system. Journalists need to build a new one (Jay Rosen column from The Washington Post)

Live streaming breaks through, and TV news has much to fear (from the New York Times)

The new New York Times public editor has some terrible advice for the paper (from Slate)

Good news at the Washington Post (from New York Magazine)

Public radio and podcast veteran Adam Davidson on the very ticklish and increasingly controversial question about how NPR copes with the new podcasting era - first in this Facebook post, then in a follow-up post, and then in this post on Medium (from Facebook and Medium)

The difficulty of getting people to care about Lahore (from Medium)

9-year-old reporter breaks crime news, posts videos, fires back at critics (from The Washington Post)

Political scientists find major difference in how Republicans and Democrats consume media makes major difference in how they view politics (from Vox)

Newspapers gobble each other up to survive digital apocalypse (from Bloomberg)

How Fusion is producing investigative journalism for the Jon Stewart generation (from Poynter)

New York Times cracks down on anonymous sources (from Poynter)

Why Journalists Should Be Afraid of Trump's Media Strategy (from CJR)

Facebook is eating the world (from CJR)

Michael Wolff: Print's dead — but so is digital (from USA Today)

WNYC is leading public radio's transition to public podcasting (from CJR)

Virtual reality: A new frontier in journalism ethics (from Poynter)

Who controls your Facebook feed (from Slate)

Glenn Greenwald talks freelancing and the future of investigative reporting (from Contently)

What mattered in media in 2015 (from NPR)

Investigative local reporting has a future — but it won't look like the past (from CJR)

How email and audio came back big in 2015 (from Poynter)

The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015 (from the Atlantic)

Bezos' Behind-The-Scenes Role In The Washington Post's Web Growth

How the New Yorker grew its digital audience by focusing on quality (from Poynter) Some good news!

6 Tips To Debunk Fake News Stories For Yourself (from Poynter)

Why Twitter's Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) from Medium - I thought this piece was interesting and well-argued but severely lacking in data to back up the assertion that Twitter is "dying" - a responder on Medium said something similar but did offer up this piece on a recent decline in the use of Twitter (from Business Insider)

Ruh-roh: Drop in younger listeners makes dent in NPR news audience (from Current)

Did you read, or read about the New York Times' big take-out on Amazon's workplace culture? Now the Times and Amazon (whose founder, Jeff Bezos, now owns the Washington Post) are trading punches about the story on Medium (from CNN Money)

The women on the van: Hillary Clinton's campaign has attracted something never seen before on the Presidential campaign trail — an overwhelmingly female press corps (from Politico)

No more nude photos in Playboy. Really. (from The New York Times)

McClatchy (the company that owns The Miami Herald) is closing its international bureaus, reorganizing its DC operation

Media critic Jack Shafer says the public is correct not to trust the media ... but that doesn't mean the media isn't doing its job (from Politico)

Sometimes old school still works — Yankee Magazine is thriving at 80, still covering its big fall foliage story (from The New York Times)

Is it the end of the road for the tabloids? The Daily News is radically downsizing (from The New York Times)

The New York Times has reached a million digital-only subscribers — and continues to adapt to our brave new world by creating a separate editorial group for the print edition (from The New York Times and Poynter)

Facebook has weird rules about posts about medical marijuana (from Medium)

Looks like Serial is going to be taking on the Bowe Bergdahl case for its second season. Maxim broke the story - was that wrong? (from Slate). And having conquered audio, it now looks like Serial is heading for the screen, at least the small screen (from Vulture)

Some podcast press: a podcast about podcasts (From the New Yorker's Out Loud podcast) and a post about women-hosted podcasts, and how there aren't enough of them (from Transom). That post includes a nifty list of women-hosted podcasts, including some unusual suspects. And there's this list of 20 in their 20s (from Medium), which includes my friend and Transom classmate, Jakob Lewis!

On The Media's Breaking News Consumer's Handbook, Stock Market Volatility Edition. This story must be listened to, just to fully appreciate Fusion's Felix Salmon's rant. (from On The Media)

Upworthy launches freelancer program (from Poynter)

Donald, Donald, Donald: We could fill an entire Internet with stories about Trump and how he's being covered. We'll just compile them here in one entry, starting with these: Why The Media Is Dancing To Trump's Tune (from the Daily Beast) and Huffington Post announces it won't cover Donald Trump's presidential campaign in its politics section. They say it's a "sideshow," so they're categorizing that coverage as entertainment. Politico's Jack Shafer says Trump is not a media creation.

A Former Gawker Editor On the Cause Of Internet Bile (It's The Ad Dollars) from the Hollywood Reporter

Amid Constant Layoffs, Journalists Should Stop Parroting Each Other (from the Observer)

From Hemingway to Miles Teller, A Brief History of the Tough Celebrity Profile (from the New York Times)

If Jon Stewart Taught Us Anything, It's That Objectivity Needs To Die (from the A.V. Club)

In A Rush To Be First, Mets Reporter Tweets Too Soon (from the Columbia Journalism Review)

"It's Like Seeing Your Grandpa In A Night Club" : the New York Times' Challenge In Building A Digital Brand (from NiemanLab)

A couple stories about podcasting: Ads for Podcasts Test the Line Between Story and Sponsor and a column by Joe Nocera, Stepping On A Slippery Slope (from the New York Times)

Newspaper industry lost 3,800 full-time editorial professionals in 2014 (from Poynter)

Have you heard about the kerfuffle at Gawker about a controversial post that they pulled, leading to the resignation of the two top editors? Here are some reports: The Gawker meltdown, explained (from Vox), Gawker Got In Bed With The Wrong Escort (from the Daily Beast), and if you're in the mood for some extra innings in your inside baseball, Goodbye to All That Gawking (from Bad Journalist, former Gawker editor Adam Weinstein's Tumblr)

Confessions of a Clinton Reporter: The media's 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary and a follow-up: The Clinton rules are at the heart of the botched emails story (from Vox)

How a 16-year-old tricked the New York Times into reporting that Dylann Roof blogged about "My Little Pony (from Fusion)

Podcasting Blossoms, but in Slow Motion (from The New York Times)

Opinion: Journalism companies are dead. Love live journalists (from Poynter)

NPR chief network positioned for growth after struggles (from AP)

Michael Wolff Thinks We Could All Learn from Fox News (from The New York Times)

Diane Rehm And A Bungled Interview With Senator Bernie Sanders (from NPR's ombudsman)

Gawker's Moment of Truth (from The New York Times)

Regretting the Error: A Life in Newspapers (from the Roamin' Gnomials blog)

Benny Johnson Got Fired at BuzzFeed. You Will Believe What Happened Next (from The Washington Post)

Report: Journalists are largest, most active verified group on Twitter (from Poynter)

Seymour Hersh is a legendary investigative reporter. The My Lai massacre and the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison are just two major stories he's broken. But his recent piece for the London Review of Books about the killing of Osama bin Laden is getting a very skeptical reaction from high-profile journalists like Jack Shafer at Politico and Max Fisher at Vox. Bob Garfield of On The Media talked to Hersh about the piece and the reaction to it; you can hear their conversation here.

Some observations on the difference in coverage between the Waco biker shootout and unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson (from NPR and Vox)

Facebook Begins Testing Instant Articles From News Publishers (from the New York Times)

Journalism And The Power of Emotions (from the Columbia Journalism Review)

Art Critics Love Us On Yelp (from TL;DR)

Campaign Coverage via Snapchat Could Shake Up the 2016 Elections (from The New York Times)

A couple of recent columns from the New York Times public editor (their ombudsman): One on who reads newspapers in print any more and a conversation with author and professor Clay Shirky in response to that column (from The New York Times)

Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron on journalism's transition from print to digital (from Washington Post PR blog)

Laying off journalists (post from Media, Disrupted blog)

In Report on Rolling Stone, A Case Study on Failed Journalism (from The New York Times)

Rolling Stone and the Temptations of Narrative Journalism (from The New Yorker)

Facebook won't kill journalism. It might even save it (from Quartz)

The Virologist: How a young entrepreneur built an empire by repackaging memes (from the New Yorker)

Millennials say keeping up with the news is important to them — but good luck getting them to pay for it (from the NiemanLab)

The Sportswriting Machine (from The New Yorker)

In first year,'s audience soars on Facebook (from Facebook Media)

Tweeting Mom's Goodbye (from the New York Times)

To find media's future, look at radio's past (from Medium)

Newsonomics: A coast-to-coast newspaper shuffle is taking place (from NiemanLab)