The message is the media

Key West Citizen composing room, circa 1960. Wright Langley Collection, Monroe County Public Library (

Key West Citizen composing room, circa 1960. Wright Langley Collection, Monroe County Public Library (

I put this list of links together for Leadership Monroe County's recent session on media. I'm still adding to it, over at the Inside Baseball page.

Some recent stories about the media:

A couple of recent columns from the New York Times public editor (their ombudsman): One on who reads newspapers in print any more and a conversation with author and professor Clay Shirky in response to that column (from The New York Times)

Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron on journalism's transition from print to digital (from Washington Post PR blog)

Laying off journalists (post from Media, Disrupted blog)

In Report on Rolling Stone, A Case Study on Failed Journalism (from The New York Times)

Rolling Stone and the Temptations of Narrative Journalism (from The New Yorker)

Facebook won't kill journalism. It might even save it (from Quartz)

The Virologist: How a young entrepreneur built an empire by repackaging memes (from the New Yorker)

Millennials say keeping up with the news is important to them — but good luck getting them to pay for it (from the NiemanLab)

The Sportswriting Machine (from The New Yorker)

In first year,'s audience soars on Facebook (from Facebook Media)

Tweeting Mom's Goodbye (from the New York Times)

To find media's future, look at radio's past (from Medium)

Newsonomics: A coast-to-coast newspaper shuffle is taking place (from NiemanLab)

Sites that focus on the media:

On The Media (weekly radio show that you can listen to online or download as a podcast)

Jim Romenesko's blog (blog by longtime media-watcher; many journalists check this site religiously)

The Poynter Institute (nonprofit based in St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Columbia Journalism Review

Knight Foundation, specifically the Journalism & Media Innovation projects

Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

Transom, a nonprofit website that runs workshops to teach audio storytelling and much more

The Public Editor's Journal, a blog by the New York Times public editor (who represents readers and is tasked with investigating, explaining and sometimes criticizing how the Times newsroom does it's job)

Some Twitter feeds to follow:

@brianstelter — CNN media correspondent

@NYTmedia — media coverage from The New York Times

@jayrosen_NYU — NYU journalism professor

@jackshafer — media critic at Politico, formerly wrote for Reuters and Slate

@davidfolkenflik — NPR media correspondent

@PBSmediashift — Guide to the digital media revolution