Podcast of the Week: Gravy

We were on the Serial thing early -- but Podcast of the Week is even earlier to this party. Check out Gravy, the new podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance and you'll be in on the first course. Or the appetizer. You'll be one of the first at the table.

OK, you get it. Gravy's first episode debuted yesterday and it's a good listen. Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving, Gravy tells the story of the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina. I'd never heard of the Lumbee Indians, more shame on me, and I learned about food and culture and history, without feeling like I was being force-fed educational matter. And I'm really glad it was audio, because hearing the actual voices made it so much stronger. I'm looking forward to hearing what these guys come up with next.

Podcast press

Serial gets its own category in this section, since so much of the podcast press is driven by coverage of that show. For example:

OK! There were a few other pieces of podcast press that were *not* about Serial, though it sneaks a mention in some of them, if only as the starting base for alternative suggested listens.

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