Podcast of the week: BBC Global News

This week's podcast recommendation is turning from the hottest new thing on the internet waves (Serial) to an offering from one of the veterans of radio: Global News from the BBC World Service.

I find myself turning to this podcast, which is compiled twice a day in half-hour blocks by the Beeb, when I crave old school radio journalism -- as well as an international perspective on what's important, including what's going on in the U.S. Remember when CNN was kind of like network news, only it was on all the time? Do you find it irritating, if not heartbreaking, that CNN lost its soul in a pointless attempt to fend off Fox News? Love The Daily Show et. al. but sometimes want to hear your information straight-up, not on the rocks? If you crave stories that will make you feel informed about the world and won't make you feel like you're demeaning yourself or not taking important things seriously, give this podcast a try. If nothing else, you'll feel smart just from listening to all those people with British accents and cool-sounding names (Rupert Wingfield-Hayes is my personal favorite, but there are many from which to choose). 

Don't know how to listen to podcasts? The easiest way is via the podcast app on your smartphone. If you don't have one or don't want to go that way, you can always subscribe and/or listen via iTunes or Soundcloud. If you don't want to do THAT, then you can listen to the podcast from its website.

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