Project Enterprise: It's all about Spock

lloyd klingon

3. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) It's funny how different your memory of a movie is when you see it once, almost 30 years ago. My memory of this movie is that it's a lot about Spock's re-education, with an extended adolescence. That's not in the movie at all. Where did I come up with that? All I can say is, at least this one was short. I was even awake all the way through.

Overall: C They had to do it after the end of Wrath of Khan. Star Trek needs Spock. But other than that, there is no reason for this movie.

Plot: C The actual execution was surprisingly uncompelling, given the events (Kirk's son is killed! They destroy the Enterprise!)

Costumes: C+ And … it's back to cheesy town. First Kirk wears a tracksuit. Then he's got this ruffled shirt that, when he takes off his tunic, makes him look like a pirate. A cheesy pirate. And the Vulcan costumes are so insanely ridiculous that it's tempting to give them some points since it's so diametrically opposed to the dignified Vulcan character. But I can't do it.

New Cast Members: C- The new Saavik -- she's no Kirstie Alley. I feel like Kirstie Alley would have found a way to save David Marcus. And Christopher Lloyd is a brilliant actor in many ways, but he just doesn't have the gravitas to be a Klingon, much less a Klingon commander.

F/X: B- Like so much else in this movie they were just OK or as they say in the NYT Magazine, meh.

Series ranking: 1. Wrath of Khan 2. Search for Spock 3. Motion Picture