Project Enterprise: Supersize TNG

insurrection9. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) This wasn't bad. But it felt more like a supersized TV show than an actual movie. A fine adventure for the Next Generation crew. But nothing special.

Overall: B- My husband came in toward the end and commented that this is the one where everyone seems like swingers. The Ba'ku don't quite strike me that way -- more like a slightly annoying New Age commune. And they are just way too clean for an agrarian society.

Plot: B+ This would have been one of the great TNG episodes on TV. For one thing they started out violating the Prime Directive -- one of their favorite things to do. For another, Fountain of Youth and all that. And a love interest for Picard is always nice. They went almost light enough on the comic relief, too. The only one who can really pull it off is Worf.

Costumes: B- Nothing new on the Starfleet side, the New Age Ba'ku have Renaissance Faire peasant garb. Which is way too clean. The So'Na's clothes are OK but nothing special.

Extra cast members: B F. Murray Abraham does his usual good job. He's no Ricardo Montalban, of course.  I was struck this time by Anthony Zerbe, playing Admiral Dougherty, don't know where I know him from.

F/X: B+ This is almost entirely for the skin stretching and stapling the So'Na go through -- gross! And new to the series.

Series ranking: 1. Wrath of Khan 2. First Contact 3. The Voyage Home 4. Insurrection. 5. Generations 6. The Undiscovered Country 7. The Search for Spock 8. The Motion Picture 9. The Final Frontier