Summer in the subtropics

My fourth Letter from Key West ran today on WLRN's Under the Sun program. Special thanks to Trina Sargalski and especially to Alicia Zuckerman for her always deft editing -- and for contributing, in the studio while we were about to record, what turned out to be my favorite line in the whole piece (In summer, there's more light and more time.) Alicia gets special extra triple credit, along with Dan Grech, for creating Under the Sun and helping South Florida realize its radio potential. It's been a real pleasure to listen and to take part. Besides Alicia's line, my favorite part of the piece might be that photo -- because it really does say summer to me, which is why I shot it with my iPhone a couple weeks ago and posted it to Facebook -- all while walking the dog. The other photo illustrating the piece, of some mangoes on a table at The Studios of Key West, also came from my iPhone. Both of them were total punts because last week, when I should have been collecting photos to illustrate summer in Key West, was a washout from what would become Tropical Storm Debby. But I think it worked out.