When Ernie met Martha

[gallery columns="2"] Who knew Tony Soprano had a Hemingway thing? Well, who doesn't? It turns out James Gandolfini has long wanted to bring the story of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn's relationship to the screen -- and will finally do so, with Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman in the leading roles.

This is of interest to us around here because Key West is where the pair met -- Hemingway was living here with his second wife, Pauline, and Gellhorn was an ambitious young journalist hanging out with her family. The place they met was Hemingway's favorite hangout Sloppy Joe's -- then on Greene Street in the building now known as Captain Tony's. The pair married but the union was the shortest of Hemingway's marriages -- possibly because Gellhorn was the most independent and professionally successful of his wives.

So far the reaction I've heard around here is: Clive Owen as Hemingway? Really? And Clive Owen? If he comes to town, I'm planning to occupy your guest room! Either way we'll keep you posted. But be aware, the guestroom is booked.

I think it might be cool to look at this time in Hemingway's life because it's the period we don't often hear about him -- between the young man in Paris of the 1920s and the iconic Papa of the famous Karsch portrait. Maybe it will encourage more Young Hemingways to enter the annual lookalike contest at Sloppy Joe's.

Another question: Will Kidman pull out her fake nose from The Hours?