Best of the best

I'm a sucker for those Best Books and various awards -- and wouldn't you know the fine folks at the Williamsburg (Va.) Regional Library, in their really impressive blog, Blogging For A Good Book, have created a megalist of the best of the best. Check it out -- and if you're in Key West you can check out a lot of them from the library. I'm not going to go through and figure out exactly which of these titles we have but most of them look mighty familiar. I can tell you for sure that we have the top fiction title, Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, and the top nonfiction book, Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. One of the real pleasures of my job is coming across blogs like this -- it's so great to see there are librarians -- and readers in general -- out there who love books, love reading, and love sharing what they know.