New nonfiction

In today's Miami Herald I have a review of a new book by David Grann, author of last year's excellent The Lost City of Z. This one, called, The Devil and Sherlock Holmes, is a compilation of his magazine work and it is really good. Some of them I had read, fairly recently even, in The New Yorker (because for awhile there I was about six months behind in New Yorker reading until I finally decided to give up and admit that I was not going to read every single avant-garde artist profile and Afghanistan takeout all the way through. I feel bad about it, though). Anyway Grann's work is good. Really, really good. Calvin Trillin/Tony Horwitz good. So read it and support good nonfiction! Speaking of good nonfiction, if Wordpress and/or my wireless cooperate -- I don't want to be paranoid but it seems that since I reduced our landline service our internet has ... slowed ... way ... down -- I'm adding a new link on the blogroll -- Hank Stuever's blog, Tonsil. It's a great chatty blog about Stuever's doings and readings and thoughts in general. He's been one I've been keeping an eye on since I reviewed his book Offramp for Solares Hill back in 2003 or so (and even better, got blurbed in the paperback! Woo hoo!). I'm ashamed to say I haven't read his new book, Tinsel, about the weird ways Americans celebrate Christmas but I just downloaded it to the Kindle so I hope to get to it soon.