Just wait till Sunday

14851red-dragonIf you happened to be a regular reader of this blog, no doubt you've give up by now. But just in case: just wait. Until Sunday. Or keep your eye on the (old school) press, printed paper, local (Solares Hill) and regional (Miami Herald). And for those of you who don't feel like doing that I'll be posting some links. I spent a lot of the spring reading, by the way, although a lot of the reading was what many, including me, might consider junk. I'm still considering writing a piece about my winter/spring of junk reading. I truly don't know if it was some sort of reaction to the economy or just a personal thing. I'm mostly pulling out of it but the lure is still strong.

Especially since I have untrammeled access to pretty much any kind of book, including lots of junk, at my NEW JOB at the MONROE COUNTY LIBRARY, the MAY HILL RUSSELL BRANCH in Key West!!! Woo hoo! Yes, I'm now a library assistant at the circulation desk and this, aside from a couple of epic stories like the 1994 Cuban Rafter Crisis and some hurricanes, is the most physically demanding job I've had since high school. But fun! Really fun! I see books all day, lots of books, and readers and people I've known for years and people I'm just meeting and I bike home for lunch. Life is good.

OK I might as well mention some of my recent reading. "Julie & Julia" -- I really did not expect to like this one for a bunch of reasons, and I wound up liking it a lot. Now I'm a little afraid to see the movie. "Larry's Kidney" by Daniel Asa Rose. Stay tuned. "Martyr" by Rory Clements -- I've already confessed in print about my fondness for Tudor Trash (Philippa Gregory et. al.) but this was different -- a crime novel! Set in the Tudor era. With John Shakespeare, Will's older brother, as the detective! OK, he's an agent for Sir Francis Walsingham (that was Geoffrey Rush in the movie). It really illustrated the daily dilemmas faced by ordinary people (not just scheming royalty) in a time of massive religious, social and political upheaval. Naomi Novik's Temeraire books. Patrick O'Brian with dragons. Yes, dragons. Seriously, check them out.