How do I love my local public library? Let me count the ways.

kwlib8941The great, smart, public spirited, hardworking people at the Monroe County Public Library aren't letting budget blues or holiday overload get them down -- instead they're keeping up great public service, like this online display of books by writers who will appear at the upcoming Key West Literary Seminar (spaces still open for the second session! free Sunday afternoon sessions both weekends!). My man Christopher, owner of the increasingly essential Voltaire Books, just stopped by and told me they have books by all the seminar writers -- what a great Christmas gift! And if that's not enough reason to love this library, here's another: Saturday is the season's first book sale in the Palm Garden. Woo hoo! Lord knows I don't need more books in my house but these are still irresistible bargains for any bibliophile (and you never know when you might find, say, a signed first edition Elizabeth Bishop in there). It has happened. As a weekday gal, it's also good to see these events back on Saturdays.