Random cool book-related stuff from the web

Couple things that washed up onto my screen this morning: MobyLives, a book blog that's been on a two-year hiatus, according to the daily Shelf Awareness email -- looks like a fun and interesting compendium of litry stuff. It's the newest addition to our list of links and it doesn't take long to read back through the archives of its current incarnation. Maybe it's because I'm from Massachusetts but I particularly appreciated the blog's inaugural post

The Guardian runs the results of a funny contest to recast books in bestseller genres (chick lit, fantasy etc.).

You have a little more than a day to decide whether this year is the year you'll write a novel in November -- those wacky folks at National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) are at it again -- 50,000 words, no one says they have to be great art -- organized on the web with local get-togethers. More details at their website; we're working on hosting a write-a-thon at the college library; watch here for details.

This isn't really a web thing but if you've never been to the Miami Bookfair and you're in the South Florida region and you like books -- you should go. The number of writers who show up and talk is unbelievable and the street fair is like something out of a dream. Get details at their website and get yourself to Miami the weekend of Nov. 15-16.