Props for the Pine

My friend Karen, a PhD student in marine ecology, says in my earlier paeon to Keys libraries I neglected the library on Big Pine. She's right: Probably because that branch was opened well after I moved to the Keys, and Big Pine is not a place I found myself killing time on trips up and down the Keys. Also the County Commission doesn't meet there, as it does at the Key Largo branch. Still, it's a great resource for the Lower Keys, where earlier people faced the choice of a longish trip to either Marathon or Key West for library access. Here's Karen's ode:

"Sandwiched between the bagel shop and Pizza Works, it must surely be the tastiest library in the county. And in "Torpedo Juice", Tim Dorsey's hero falls in love with the BPK librarian. Okay, so she turns out to be a serial killer. Big Time...Big Pine." Karen also reports that "Big Time ... Big Pine" is not an original phrase. But it sure fits here.